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When we bought our canoe from River Ridge we had comfort and durability in mind. We shopped for months before buying one. We are firm believers that you get what you pay for. It just holds true for everything we buy. Especially when you experience the wild like we do.

Knowing that we would be using our canoe on the headwaters of the Flambeau River in Iron Co. Wisconsin, we knew we needed the strongest keel  possible. The seats make the 12 mile trip a pleasure instead of back wrenching. 5+ hours of travel means a lot of gear. This small canoe can pack more than a person needs because of the organization features. Keeping our fishing gear easy to access was great along with amazing hibernet. The floor racks keep our feet and gear high and dry. The trolling motor made 6 miles of flats a breeze and wood last for 3 trips before needing a charge.

We tested our River Ridge baby every other weekend in 2006 from spring until early winter. Low water levels made over twenty Class I & II rapids a real obstacle course. We bumped, banged and even bruised our River Ridge. Nobody could put their canoe through a more rigorous test. Our canoe held up like the champ it is. Some facial damage was all we had and that was a surprise considering the abuse we gave our baby. Opening weekend of fishing we went out on the mighty Turtle Flambeau flowage. We anchored in a main channel of the lake and tested the stability or tippyness. With large boats passing every few minutes, all with strange looks, we sat with confidence and kept on catching fish. River or lake, you'll have a hard time getting wet. The solar panel worked well when we camped overnight and the umbrellas saved us from the scorching sun on more than one occasion.

We thank River Ridge for building the strongest, the most comfortable, and the most unique canoe we could find. It is a great investment for our extreme outdoor adventures. Feel free to test the waters by us if your up to the challenge!

Thanks River Ridge!
Ira Follen
Northwoods Connection


I just got my new canoe tonight and I can't tell you how pleased I am. The quality of the workmanship, and the functionality of the design exceeded my high expectations.

I also want to comment on what fine condition the boat arrived in. The care taken in the packing of the canoe by you and your son was excellent. Between the foam, bubble wrap, tarp, and final shrink wrap, the boat arrived with not even the slightest scratch or damage. I am a VERY picky guy when it comes to my outdoor equipment and I thank you both for the condition my boat arrived in.

Please pass on my thanks to all who worked on this fine canoe. As a former Coast Guard Officer, I have seen and used many different types of boats and your craftsmanship and design details are better than most and as good as any of the high-end vessels I have used.

I look forward to fishing together,

Bill Kosty

River Ridge Custom Canoe Review
by Richard Lee Merritt

The Canoe...

Wow! I must say I am extremely impressed with this little vessel. At first, I must admit there was some skepticism as far as the stability goes. But after an hour or so on famous Lake Crowley, my "perma-grin" had "morphed" into a gigantic smile, which I believe stayed with me for the remainder of the fishing trip.

Lake Crowley (located in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California) is a somewhat large body of water. The wind here can make any paddler weary, especially considering the water temperature was just above a chilling fifty degrees. I decided after I started feeling comfortable with handling the canoe, to take the ultimate test, and take it up to the northwest side of the lake, where it is known to become extremely windy and choppy without notice. Of course, it is also the known "hot-spot" for the lake’s famous brown, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.  Click to read fully Review by Richard Lee Merritt >>>


Hi Bill,
I thought I'd send you this email letting you know we had a great 1st time out in the canoe. A total of 42 fish were caught between me and my friend Rusty. Using Charlie Brewer Spider rigs we caught Walleye, Sauger, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Rock Bass, and Fresh Water Drum. One event happened that is a good story teller to remember on the first time out in the River Ridge, and that was the 27 inch Drum Rusty caught. This fish was huge in comparison to the Drum normally caught on this river. Floating in a deep hole, this baby literally pull us around at will in the canoe. After more than 5 minutes fighting we finally landed him.

Interestingly, some unlucky fella had hooked and lost this fish as evidence of the jointed Rapala crankbait we found lodged entirely in the the mouth of this fish. We kept it for a souvenir :) Pics are attached for your enjoyment. Rusty is holding the Drum, I am the one holding the nice Smallmouth. We had lots of fun and thanks for a great canoe!

Bill Johnson


Great news! The canoe arrived today. My kids and I released it from it's cocoon of foam and duck tape and were amazed at it's beauty. The workmanship is flawless. The light tan color really shows off the hull curves and should contrast nicely with the dark green waters of the streams that we have here in the Texas hill country. We can't wait to get it out on the water!

Thank you for making such a great canoe!
Don Iverson - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

As you are aware, I picked up my Ultimate RRCC on Monday in Eugene, Oregon.  Roadway did an excellent job, and you could tell that care was taken during shipment.  Also, you took special care in it's preparation to ensure it arrived that way.  When I got home I carefully unveiled my new Canoe.  I must tell you, that the finished product exceeded any expectations that I had.  The quality of the product you send out is indicative of an organization that takes total pride in their workmanship...pride in their product!  I couldn't be more pleased.

Fishing season opens on April 27th here, and I can't wait!  I have a feeling that once I get out on the water, I'm going to be the envy of all!  I have a list of people that want to see my canoe once I get the trailer put together, and have everything put in place on the Canoe.  I'll send you a picture or two when I'm ready for the grand unveiling.  Will also send pictures of the Whoppers I catch!!!

I thank you for your patience!!!  It's hard when you can't go to a show, or local marine dealer, and peruse the product you're interested in purchasing.  Hope I wasn't too much of a pain.  Coupled with the first class product you manufacture, you have a first class web site, and what you see is truly  what you get....except much better!  In this day and age, the dollar has taken center stage over quality and customer satisfaction.  Such is not the case with River Ridge!  It's fitting that Ron Schara has partnered with RRCC!  The fit is excellent, and this is another shining example of an organization that grows with grace.  I caught his show for the first time here last Saturday.  Hell of a rendition of Ghost Riders in the Sky to Gary Roach.  Tell Ron I said congratulations, and welcome.

Do hope that at some point in time, I will get the opportunity to meet everyone.  Hopefully, you'll be able to make the ISE Show in Portland, Oregon in the future.  Do think that there would be a great market here in the Pacific Northwest.  I also will look forward to all the checks you're going to send me from new customers out this way!!!

Will look forward to new updates on the web site, and as stated, will share my experiences.

Guess I won't be calling when you're headed to the fishing hole anymore, but will stay in touch.  Hope everyone at RRCC takes in a little fishing time real soon!  Please feel free to share my remarks, and if appropriate, feel free to use me as a advocate for your product.

Once again.....A Very Big Thank You from one very happy man!
Sincerely, Ken Dickens

Bill: Just wanted to let you know what an incredible fall we have had up here on the Mississippi once it was down from this summers high waters. We were still fishing as of Sunday, December 1st and will have to see what the temp and the river does. I hope we can get out again soon.

I finally broke the 21 inch mark by a qtr of an inch Sunday. It only took me 20 some years to do it. That smallie was a true piggy and incredibly wide.  Even better news we still released over 40 fish with 3 at 19 and 2 more at 20. Can you believe this! In December! The 40 or more fish days were common all fall.

The Yarcraft stayed in the yard all fall because me and my fishing friends have discovered more enjoyment out of your canoe on the river than fishing any lake.

The only question I have is if you have tested these things on collisions with icebergs?

Steve Sorensen .....  Monticello, MN


“For 30 years I have flyfished the upper Midwest and Ontario and discovered that my River Ridge Custom Canoe is the best for use on smaller rivers and lakes.  The canoe is stable, quiet, and east to maneuver.  It is also light, allowing for easy cartop transport.  River Ridge Custom Canoes have increased my enjoyment and fishing success”.      
Lane A. Reeves….Cedar Falls, Iowa

“Maiden voyage has been completed…..NICE CANOE!  The more I work with this boat the more I appreciate the workmanship that has gone into it….thank you”.
Bud Fuston…..Kissimmee, Florida

“We had a great time on our first voyage last weekend.  As we basked in the sun with our wine and cheese tray in full use I said to Terry “the boat paid for itself on this trip.”  What a relaxing way to spend an afternoon”.  
Larry and Terry Hector…..Forest Lake, Minnesota

“The canoe arrived last Monday and we had it in the water Saturday.  It arrived in very good condition---we almost hated to put it in at the boat landing and get it all scratched up on the bottom!  But it performed well.  Looks great and the seats are quite comfortable.  And it’s so convenient to have those rod holders!”
Jim Marchu…..Fairfax, Virginia

“My wife Judy, grandson George and I are looking forward to many happy hours on the water with your great canoe.  We had some time to use it last summer and it was just great.  The Mississippi River is close to us so we were able to get out and explore/fish.  We liked the handy wiring harness for quick battery hook-up and the umbrellas to keep us out of the sun.  The canoe was very stable and took us everywhere that we wanted to go.  There were many times that people stopped and asked for info on your wonderfully designed canoe.  We always give them you and your company’s name.  Thanks for a great product”.
Gordy Ellis…..Clearwater, Minnesota

“Took the canoe out on the Mill Pond in Champlin today…what a blast!  All in all VERY impressed with the canoe.  When transporting the canoe the rubber gunnel kept the paint on the cab protected.  Absolutely wonderful aerodynamic performance on the way back home.  The Mill Pond has some very strong current moving through it and the motor moved us right along headed up stream”.
George and Amy Penzenik…..Champlin, Minnesota

“Well, the good news is that the canoe with motor, battery, fishfinder, and two tackle boxes floats.  We went for an unwanted swim in Minnetonka today.  I never have any problems casting from a standing position due to the stability of the canoe.  However, today a wave must have caught me leaning in the wrong direction and I went over in an instant.  Everyone needs to remember it is still a canoe.  Kudos to River Ridge Custom Canoes for building a product that stays afloat.  I only lost 2 poles and a net”.        
Gary Bedsworth….Enchanted Island on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

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