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River Ridge 2012 Holiday Promotion
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RRCC Photo 2011 Gallery
View the latest pictures of River Ridge Guided Trips for 2011 -
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 RRCC Photo 2010 Gallery
View the latest pictures of River Ridge Guided Trips for 2010 -
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RRCC Photo 2009/10 Gallery
View the latest pictures of River Ridge Guided Trips. for 2009 & 2010 -
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Maiden Voyage
Chris Chaney of Morrow, OH maiden voyage in Waupaca County, WI
trip journal Click here to read his journal!
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Enhanced videos
Check out our new enhanced videos of River Ridge Custom Canoes in action

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Custom Camo Design
You won't believe your eyes!  Hunters who are looking to improve their chances this fall will not want to miss
this one.

Click here to see the latest creation from our crack staff here at RRCC


Union Sportsmen Fishing Feature
Read about Richard Mann's experience with a River Ridge Custom Canoe on the Greenbrier River in West Virginia.

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RRCC Photo 2008 Gallery
View the latest pictures of River Ridge Guided Trips. for 2008 -
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RRCC Guided Trip Gallery
View pictures of River Ridge Guided Trips. June - mid August, 2007 -
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Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools
John Robinson, RRCC owner from Massachusetts had his favorite tool ... his canoe .
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Ron Schara Float Trip
Platte River - Video Clips
Part One - Click to Download Part One

Part Two - Click to Download Part Two (Windows Media Files - 1.7meg)

More Excellent Photos
View great pictures of our canoe in action at: Windigo Images

New Products Com RRCC
River Ridge Custom Canoes is now carrying the Minnkota Traxxis 55 trolling motors (these are the motors we recommend for our canoes). Order a canoe package and take advantage of our special pricing. We are also carrying LED lights for your bow and stern a must in low light conditions.

Click here to see what new owner Richard Lee Merritt of Chico, CA had to say about the maiden voyage in his new canoe

Click Here to View The Latest RRCC Customer Pictures

Click Here to View The Latest RRCC Customer Pictures and Stories!

Customer Testimonials
Hear what others are saying about the River Ridge Custom Canoe. Please send us your comments! View testimonials

Look for River Ridge Custom Canoes featured on these shows:

Due North Outdoors
FSN North and FSN Wisconsin
Thursdays at 6:00PM and 10:00PM CST

River Ridge Custom Canoes Featured

August 7
August 22
September 25

Minnesota Bound
KARE 11...Minneapolis, MN
Sundays at 10:30 PM
Saturdays at 6:30 PM
KTTC 12.....Rochester, MN
Saturdays at 6:00 AM
KVLY / NBC.... Fargo, ND
Sundays at 5:00 PM
KSFY / ABC....Sioux Falls, SD
Saturdays at 6:00 AM
KBJR TV-6.....Duluth, MN
Sunday nights at 10:35

Minnesota Bound and Due North Outdoors as seen on the Fox Sports Net for more great canoeing adventures.
Ron and Raven

Pictured below is Hajime Oguri. Hajime's company, Vagabond, sells RRCC Canoes in Japan. (192 to date).

Our customers get creative with
their color choices.



Flambeau River Video
Click on the link below and you can see the canoe in action on the Flambeau river in North Central Wisconsin.  The segment is one of our latest TV adventures...you will enjoy the scenery and fishing. Click Here to Watch NEW Flambeau River Video

Click on these articles to read about RRCC Canoes

The Water Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
By Noel Vick
River expert Bill Plantan never leaves home without ‘em: a full battery of prerigged rods and reels

The Shift to Smaller Watercraft
By Tim Lesmeister
Fortunately for those contemplating a shift to small watercraft, kayak and canoe manufacturers are designing their “boats” with anglers in mind.

Muskies and Canoes
By Patricia Strutz - Muskies Inc.
Canoes make nearly inaccessible waters accessible.

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Interstate 80/90
Delivery Promotion

All canoes delivered within 100 miles of the interstate 80/90 corridor stretching from Chicago through Pennsylvania and into Virginia and Washington, DC, will only be charged $140.00 for shipping, packing and handling.
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HOT new Accessories
For Your River Ridge Custom Canoe

▪ Bear Springs Kit Bag

Click Here for All The Details....

Looking for an easy way to store your canoe?

Our system has the unique feature of being able to be mounted on both finished and unfinished ceilings and can be operated by one person.

Due to the overwhelming response on our canoe hoist systems we are now adding the Heavy-Duty hoist system.


Click Here for More Information

Why continue to drive by 75% of the water you can't get to with your big boat? Why fight the crowds at the landing ramps? Why deal with high blood pressure any longer as you watch the Jet Ski churn up your precious Lunker hole.

And why continue to fight off all the boats that gather near as you try to conceal all the fish you are landing? Please take a tour around our site and discover the new way to get to places that really hold the trophies ….away form the busy boat ramps…. away from the crowds ….closer to nature.

Bill stands with a finished canoe while Jeff and Adam work on the morning lay-up of a new custom canoe in our shop in Rochester, Minnesota

Canoeing the north fork of the unpredictable Flambeau river in NW Wisconsin
Canoes. Comeraderie. Friends. Shared interests and time. Expert guidance. Good food - great memories. Photographer Patrick Dean -
Check out these beautiful photos taken on our trip!!!

Read what Ira Follen has to say about our canoes. He took possession of his RRCC Canoe on April 13th of this year and sent in his testimony on December 13th. Click Here To Read Ira's Letter

Hottest New Innovation from River Ridge Custom Canoes:
Click here to see pictures of our new single rod holders

Read about our exciting
bow anchor system, a standard feature on all RRCC canoes.

Click for more information.

Destination Links/Information

The best of what’s left, and where to find it! We the people own nearly 150,000 miles of streams and 2.5 million acres of lakes and reservoirs!  That’s right.  Now find out where to fish on them. 

• The U.S. Forest Service has developed a comprehensive on-line resource to fishing in the National Forests.  Click here to visit!

Click here for information on the canoe routes and river conditions in Minnesota as provided by the DNR...be safe, not sorry!

New - Virtual Plant Tour

If you REALLY want to have  fun in our canoe...try a 2 day camping trip.  We have been doing them for the last 13 years, and would like to share a few of our tips with you ... (click to read full story)


Recent Articles Featuring River Ridge Custom Canoes

Custom Canoes, Rivers, and Smallmouth
By Jerry Carlson
Midwest Outdoors
It is not every day that an invitation to go smallmouth fishing flies out of the blue and lands in your lap. But that is exactly what happened to me.

The smallmouth invitation came from a gentleman named Bill Plantan, the owner of River Ridge Custom Canoes. Plantan resides near Rochester, Minnesota and works the smallmouth on the nearby Zumbro River.

Can you canoe and catch fish, too?
By Dan Small - Contributing Editor
Wisconsin Outdoor News

Most anglers have a canoe somewhere in their boating history, usually as a first boat. When they move on to a bigger boat with an outboard motor, their canoe often leans against the garage wall, all but forgotten.

The Water Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
By Noel Vick:
River fishing expert Bill Plantan never leaves home without ‘em; that is a full complement of prerigged rods and reels.
The world’s a harmonious place when Bill Plantan inconspicuously slides his canoe into the flow. A morning fog masks his craft, its intentions, and most of the river panorama. Unseen riffles trickle. Something crunches in the dried leaf litter, likely a squirrel, maybe a deer. In the distance an aroused turkey gobbles; it’s that time of the year.


Running a River, Lane by Lane
Within walking distance of my childhood home was a modest and antiquated bowling alley. Its décor was reminiscent of the television show Happy Days and bowling’s heyday.

Economizing Scope and Improving Results
By Noel Vick:
Bill Plantan, an impassioned river buff, often speaks about this guy who owned a big boat – the fast and glass sort – and nearly exclusively launched it on big water.

Smallmouths by Canoe from A to Z
Featured in Game & Fish Magazines (15 states). This article by Tim Holschlag is considered your textbook for fishing smallmouths from a canoe.

Minnesota Outdoor News featured an article by writer Tori McCormick. In an interview with Bill Plantan of River Ridge Custom Canoes, the Do's and Don'ts of fishing from a canoe become very clear.
Click here to read!

Mission Statement - To create the ultimate sports
utility vehicle for small waters!


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