All of our canoes are manufactured in a state of the art two-piece mold. These two pieces are laid up separately and then fitted together to form a one-piece hull while still in the mold. Making the canoe in one piece insures superior strength and durability when compared to a canoe that is made by two separate pieces.

After the two pieces of the canoe are joined together we fill the seam with fiberglass and wacker. This combination of materials fuses together the two halves creating and extraordinarily strong keel. We then attach our half-moon aluminum keel guard by embedding screws in the now rock hard seam. The end result is a keel that is practically bulletproof. The canoe tracks superbly in the water. If you sustain damage to the aluminum, you can simply cut out the section to be replaced using a hacksaw, back out the screws, and piece in the new section of keel that we will send out to you.

All canoes have a double layer of state of the art fiberglass materials. While there may be other lighter weight products on the market, we feel we have found the right compromise between price, weight and strength.

We use the highest quality gel coat and resin products on the market today. We add integrity to the canoe by applying a medium brown gel coat to all interior surfaces. This makes the canoe as durable on the inside as it is on the outside. A quick wipe down on the canoe after use should keep it looking like new. If your canoe develops a tough residue or stain, simply use bleach with a sponge or brush to restore the inside to its original look.

All canoes have our unique double-ended design with a square transom. The transom is toughened with extra layers of fiberglass and a plywood plate. This gives superior strength and support for your motor.

Four 90-degree angle fiberglass plates are laminated into each side of the canoe to provide a very strong support for our benches. All of the benches and thwarts are made of high quality mahogany. Because of its wonderful marine qualities, it should not rot, split or splinter and it weathers beautifully. Its fine grain, strength, durability and weather resistance has long made it a choice wood for outdoor applications.

A specially designed mold is used in making the foam inserts that go in the bow and stern. This mold insures a perfect fit every time for the utmost in hull flotation and buoyancy. We also use a product called divinysel for the ribs. It is lightweight, uniform and very strong when laminated into the bottom with fiberglass.

Our custom designed extrusion is cast of high quality rubber. It is similar to the rubber you will find on your car tires. We use 3M heat sealed tape to bond the extrusion to the gunnel. On the sportsman's models, we have the wire channel built into the underside of the extrusion. This both protects and hides the wiring from view. The rounded edge of the extrusion also creates a comfortable resting area for your legs.

Our hardware is either stainless steel or aluminum. We use self-locking nuts whenever loosening might present a potential problem.


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