River Ridge Custom Canoes is excited to announce the transfer of its canoe manufacturing and sales to Jeff Buchan of Spencer, Iowa. Jeff will be moving the operations there and will continue to operate under the same name making the canoes with the same attention to detail that has been our trademark for the last 18 years. We hope to have operations up and running in Spencer shortly after Labor Day. Bill will still be handling the sales and marketing in the transition period. Please contact him if you have questions about your canoe or are interested in placing an order for your own custom canoe! Check back often for updates on the progress of our move. We are excited to have Jeff take the reigns. He comes from a long stint in manufacturing and he will apply those principals to the canoe business now.

If you are interested in purchasing a canoe, please visit our original website for a list of pricing, accessories, and more.

Contact Bill Plantan

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